Lisa Anderson, O.D.

Lisa Anderson, O.D. received her Doctor of Optometry from Southern California College of Optometry in 1990, and, while there working on her OD degree, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Visual Science.  She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

Dr. Anderson’s special field of interest is low vision/eye disease management.  She completed a one-year post-doctoral fellowship appointment with Johns Hopkins Low Vision Service between 1990 – 1991.

Her interest in biology and vision science, combined with a desire to help patients improve their vision, drew Dr. Anderson to the field of optometry.  She finds it personally rewarding to help people improve their quality of life by improving their vision and eye health.

When she is not treating patients, Dr. Anderson loves to travel and enjoys outdoor activities, such as gardening, skiing, walking her dog, and appreciating nature.  She also engages in lifelong learning to satisfy her curiosity by reading and researching numerous topics of interest.

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