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1) Wash Up Before handling your lenses, wash hands, rinse well, and dry with a lint free towel. Fingernails should be short and smooth to avoid damaging the lenses or scratching your eye.

2) Inspection Remove lens from the case and inspect it for cleanliness.

3) Apply Wetting Solution Wetting solutions are used to make the contact lens surface more compatible with your tears. They also increase wearing comfort.

4) Insertion
    a) Hold the upper lashes (not the lid) to prevent blinking
    b) Pull the bottom eyelid down
    c) Focus on a steady point with the eye you are not putting the lens on
    d) Place the lens on the central cornea, not to the side
    e) Do not blink until the lens is in place.

5) Eyedrops One or two drops of lens lubricant are recommended if your lenses feel dry or if blurry vision occurs while wearing.

6) Removal Wash hands before removal. Place your index finger at the outer corner of the eyelids. Looking straight ahead, pull the lids out and up, then blink. This usually requires practice to master.

7) Cleaning Your contacts must be cleaned after wearing. Place the lens in your palm, put a drop or two of cleaning solution on it and rub in a straight back and forth motion. Lenses may also be cleaned between thumb and forefinger.

8) Clean Case Daily Before storing your lenses overnight, rinse your case well with hot tap water and refill with fresh solution.
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